Reverse Hardridge Loop

An attempt to trial the Reverse Hardridge Loop.  Two previous attempts on the Hardridge Loop: the first on an afternoon; a second in an evening.  1:40:51 meant that almost 5 minutes were shaved from the initial 1:45:37.

So, despite many foot soakings on the standing water peppering the moorland trail, and an ejection onto the path shortly after beginning the downhill to Hardridge Farm – barely minutes from the end – 1:43:49 was attained. A grazed left elbow, ripped O’Neil inner skin layer and a bruised left thigh were nothing compared to the worry that my front derailer (which turned out to have become misaligned as the steering reared to the right) had been damaged.

Served me right: the light was low and darkness really hugged the shale-strewn farm road that led me safely to my car.  Dusk really had settled over the land, and the lights fromPaisleyand beyond twinkled in the distance like warm stars.


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