Cosy but dark.

Ah, home to a still-crisp Saturday Guardian and a fresh brew, tingling all over, having been kept almost entirely dry by the newly purchased Gore overshoe – but definitely upper-body-snug by the Specialized SL Rain Cape (from the wonderful Webster’s Cycles: billow-free and no dribbles-down-the-back; body-hugging cool look in addition.

Listening to a hastily-selected Can playlist on my dutiful Sansa Clip, I was road-testing the Magicshine MJ-808E between the hours of 7.30 and 9 pm (I remember Saturday nights were for relaxing, if not for venturing out to a club).  It performed very well through the wooded cycle track that runs behind Port Glasgow; equally so, on the Kilmacolm backroads it served very well, the battery reducing to 75% after approximately 45 minutes on full beam.  The O-ring is solid enough to remain in place, whilst flexible enough to allow tipping on the proximity required.

Not too confident about the rain and the bizarre ‘Artist’ selection out in the pitch-black, I headed off onto the B788, through the east end of Greenock (tsk, tsk-ing, in true Leonard Meade-style at what I assumed was X-Factor almost bursting through living room windows) and onto the main road running past Cappielow, so that I at least got some distance behind me tonight.

A fraction off 20K – I’m happy enough: the bike was still wearing Tuesday’s off-road business, had developed a flat (first ever) and needed some care and attention.

Now to another brew, a tiny packet of Haribo … and some MEd. work.

Here’s the route – in KML, captured by the MyTracks Android App.

Ps. Weighed in at 11st and 6 pounds last night; aiming to shed the 6 before the 24th.


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