Blue LED – Already?!

Deciding to (finally) try out the 1000 lumen Magicshine, I headed up onto the moors just off Hardridge Farm.

Banked by a number of stunned Highland cows, I edged my way carefully upwards before unfortunately dipping into the burn that sits below the old Duchal railway.

There were a few similar foot plunges into the chilled, standing water, but the Gore shoe coverings kept a significant amount of liquid from my well-shielded feet.

Almost 20 minutes into the ride, I noticed the blue led on the back of the light head was smiling away at me – one-eyed menace! I stepped it down to the second most powerful beam; there is a third, but I still had to see ahead of me.

Along the way, the beam would capture small pockets of moisture – expiration? – hanging chest- high after whatever had exhaled them had quietly slipped away.

Emerging from Clydemuirshiel Park, looking behind me I was amazed at the absolute darkness from which I was fleeing, and the road from Lochwinnoch up past South Newton was quiet.

I returned to the car by 6.35. Refreshed and another 24k under my wheels.

Despite complete darkness, a very respectable 1hr 43.


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