(Un)Happy New Year


In with the new; out (and thank you) with the old.

The Sandisk Sands Clip on the left finally gave up just before Christmas; it still boots, holds 4gb and its charge, but the UI has dissolved.  It was the best player (20 quid) since my first 1gb Creative MP3 player purchased 2006. Perfect for podcasts and music alike, it would bookmark wherever you last left multiple tracks.

On the right we have a birthday gift – yes, a newer model of the aforementioned.  This comes with 4gb, but an SD slot accommodates 32gb and beyond. Only downside us the absence of a physical slider to lock functions.  But sleep mode, folder browse and seamless internal/external content… Beautiful piece of technology.

On Friday I made the ultimate schoolboy error: leaned over and tried to drag a sack of de-icing salt from under two others. I felt the plastic handle stretch at the same time my lower back innards.  Events like these make you reflect on what riches really are: health and family are all.

I couldn’t walk yesterday – missing family time, work on my MEd – and lay in bed. Marking.

My bike’s resting and was to be pushed into service on Friday evening to help with the half-stone I’ve acquired.  11.5 stone is nothing to worry about, but 8 years ago to this day I embarked on a serious weight drop from 16 to 10.5 stone in 4 months. Yes. Atkins. So every ounce latching on is felt.

My body aches, but most hurtful  is the denial of a last week of night riding: up on the moor beneath the silver crescent pinned above us; brushing the rich pine air with my NB outer jacket.

A Happy New Year to all riders and outdoor fanatics – an entire 2012 lies before us to unwrap!


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