Clips are great – almost.

So, a Saturday afternoon (2.30 – still light!) pedal and things went from bad to …

I sit here on the train/ferry reflecting on Saturday’s ride.  The right pedal immediately felt more freer soon into the ride, my new Shimano shoe rotating 10-20 degrees. 

After being drenched and blown, I quit at Barnbrock Farm.  And of course, the sun reappeared and, looking over at the hills which were my intended destination I spotted fluffy snow clouds settled above them, significantly dusted – damn!

My Lidl gloves – or sponges – finally succumbed and after being balled and stuffed into the bottle holder. They failed to make it home.

The loosened SPD cleat disallowed normal pedal-foot disconnection, but even the fully-functional left did not prevent a tumble into some bushes at a stopping point: remarkably I managed to remove the left foot mid-fall.

So I am returning home, soaked and now facing the prospect of having to remove my foot from the shoe when the shoe finally works free from the cleat! And not too far from home either!

Cleat remains in the pedal recently removed, bagged and ready for inspection by my Technical Department and an appropriate tool.
And then, yesterday morning, I find the front tyre pancaked.

I perused Evans Cycles last night in the hope of finding waterproof gloves and perhaps waterproof, 3/4 length shorts (I’m selling ‘Large’ Endura Overshoes on eBay to assist such purchases at this time of year).

So, hoping for a pedal this evening, the DMR V8 pedals are re-attached and I’m hoping that I can still wear the Shimano SPD shoes, which are incredibly snug.


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