Orange Dusk

Overly warm, but was glad to be out.

I was caught by surprise – only the rear-light remains attached at all times, and I had misjudged ‘lighting up’ time.  The last thirty minutes or so – which included  charge up the mud track that borders the Port Glasgow Golf Club, and where I came to a sorry halt on Tuesday! – were fairly low-lit and quite dangerous.

Anyway, two images of the beautiful orange crushed against the hills that await the imminent Spring that is surely not too distant?

Clipless pedals are a dream – although I need to bring them back slightly, as my feet feel perched over the pedals.  But they staid on and released their bite when required; although, navigating mud trails on fairly fat tyres is causing me to reflect on the DMRs sitting at home; I still don’t seem to be able to inflate to the tyre pressure I previously enjoyed and which helped me zip (or was I imagining that) along the B-roads.

Ah, road bikes.  Again, why do our silken-clad cousins deem it necessary to ignore us lot on the fatter tyres?  Utter snobbery! (And me, sporting my new Gore Xenon Gloves – toasty warm!)  So, in future, do I a) ignore them?, or b) continue to nod, say “Hi” and raise a hand?

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