Corlic Hill

According to the sign at Mansfield Bridge there purports to be a ‘walk’ to the 1000ft summit from the west; according to my OS map there is some concurrence – a singletrack/pathway.

There is a tarmac path which leads of the Loch Thom Old Largs Road, leading to a muddy dual track. After some to and froing I pushed the Hardrock up towards the summit.

This was the third consecutive trip out and I was intent on scaling Corlic Hill.  I aimed at Mansfield Farm and up into the forest edging Gryffe Reservoirs 1 & 2.

Many falls ensued but my 60 quid Specialized Rain Cape survived – priorities!




Time away from my family is always a concern; the balance between ‘me time’ and being a responsible fatherand husband is one I tread (or pedal) lightly.

With a recent piece in Singletrack magazine still ringing in between my earbuds (for once the audiobook 4 of The Lost Fleet was distracting), the author celebrating life against the odds.

Time was approaching 5.  I had removed the light but was still confident that I would still make it home in the light. From Corlic Hill it was downhill, I could see both reservoirs … all that would impinge on my return route was to be hidden burns and tributaries beneath pockets of rushes.

I braved the sharp descent – enjoying despite slight worries that I could not discern the exit path – and took many a tumble thanks to my SPD cleats.

Sitting here, the day after, I still ache – the ‘good ache’ – knowing I’ve had at least 60k in the saddle the past three days, and consumed as much free air into the bargain.

Click for Route


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