Sunday Sun

Beautiful day out in Kilmacolm and surrounding area. Snuggled in my apparel and the sun was pleasant enough; chilled air, but the crispness more than compensated.  Gore overshoes and the Specialized rain cape (second skin of late) nowhere in sight; the Shimano shoes and SPD pedals are an absolute joy, marrying me to the bike despite at least one fall per ride – except for today, so things are looking up!

Met a good friend walking the dog. What? Of course I told him to get a bike! (Been speaking with a colleague and a father who attends our sons’ swimming lesson sessions, and I think I’m close to having a little tripartite for the MTB club I’m endeavouring to construct.)

Back glowing with 1.5 hours and 20-odd ‘K’ under my belt. 5pm, and we have a lovely evening before us; children are out playing.

Marking all done – still planning to do, but there’s some exciting stuff to contend with, which makes this Sunday evening’s routine compensatory.  Medium glass of Rioja (been about a month since I had even a sniff of plonk) and try and relax  before the week ahead…

Click for route.


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