Last Ride of Winter 2011/2012

“The twilight of evening” (from Misery, by Anton Checkov, 1860-1904)

A Saturday evening and I wanted to put in a last ride before the clocks ‘turned’.
My Magicshine was met by two equally powerful dancing orbs on the cycle track: two constables were escorting two youths (I can only assume underage drinking).

Turning right at the top of Barrs Brae I headed up past Dougliehill and the Harelaw Reservoir.  The mist thickened as I dropped into the trough that is Auchenfoyle and The Haven; Pomillan and South Newton were equally cloaked.  And as I looked up into the sky, I remember reflecting that it resembled something from The Impressionists: two brave stars were smudged into the inky blackness.

I headed home through the upper ‘Port’ – so as to avoid the local constabulary – and passed by the soporific and comatosed, doubly subdued by The Beeb and ITV’s joint offerings in the battle that is ‘reality TV’.

Am I the daft one?

First ride of Summer 2012? Perhaps this evening, although I have a flat rear tyre to attend to – and I am reminded of the ‘noise’ from the chain/front derailler area!


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