Twinkle, twinkle…

After such an anti-climax of what began as a promising week, a deep clean and attachment the new tyres have been cathartic.

I only hope that this cold continues to recede and that I have the energy to locate the two trails that I aimed to ‘bag’ on Thursday.

Fingers crossed.

Not completely unrelated, I’ve been contemplating (to my wife’s chagrin) a degree in astronomy through the O.U. I may/may not complete my MEd dissertation which is linked with a Chartered Teacher Scheme recently scrapped – a number of factors, and financially it would be difficult.

This latest academic diversion can be completed within 12 years (the cost well spread) and it would mainly be for enjoyment (although my Computing Science degree continues to influence my teaching of English in this ever-increasingly digital world).

Space and our place in the universe continues to inspire me personally and professionally…and I always like to be learning.

Out on the mount, beneath those distant suns or our friendly Luna you cannot but be introspective about your ‘place’ in the grand scheme. I might augment my biking and route ponderings by dealing with a night sky element each month: as I traverse Terra firma, so to am I travelling the celestial sphere

So, Russian reflector telescope in the loft to be dusted down; Volumes 1 and 2 of Burnham‘s ordered; and saving for the O.U.’s Undergraduate Course, BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences: Astronomy and planetary science pathway.


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