Dead End & Rams

High Mathernock was delightful, a singletrack that led over fairly dry and stony terrain, shouldered on both sides by thick hedge; crossing the lovely stone bridge, I passed the old WWII battery which was on my right.

Crossing over the B788 from Chapel Farm, I crossed the Green Water via Burnbank Bridge and made my way up to Dippany Farm, which was already being cloaked in darkness and light ‘smir’.

Meandering upwards I came upon a dead end, and although I could see Hillside Farm in the distance squating below Caircurran Hill and the angle presented by the pylons indicated I was in the right area…at 9PM-ish I could not chance crossing ‘no-man’s land’, deciding to head back down against the traffic: many rams, some of which displayed umbrage at this Saturday evening interloper.

Forensic perusal of Google Earth and my OS Explorer (2006) do suggest a ‘loop’ between Dippany Farm and ; however, what I was faced with on a Saturday evening was circa OS Explorer (2001).

Doubling back, rejoining the B788 and pedalling like crazy I headed as fast as I could up to the electricity substation that overshadows Harelaw Reservoir.  At this point I noticed that the North and North-East was beginning to clear, and Vega was sparkling just above the horizon.  Behind me, Mars was ‘in Leo’ and its reddish hue was discernible.  Whipping out my Android phone, Google Skymap confirmed at what I was marvelling!

Upon arrival – later than expected – I was given a further treat: bright and burning, Venus alight in the North/North-West.



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