It Was There All The Time!

And to think I was only a few yards away…

I took the reverse route tonight (a falling sun spreading some warmth over a nourished wetland ) and, upon the climb up to Hillside Farm the nagging doubts remained: would there be marsh, bog – or would there be a ‘track’ that would bring me across the moor beneath Cairncurran Hill?

Tread marks set into the hill. A bridge. Buzzing, which soon resolved into a farmer, with hook, attending to his flock. I headed into
the small enclosure of Hillside Farm, ascended the gate and made my way down to a small stone bridge. The doubts remained. I mademy way – one foot sheathed in the pedal, the other – as I progressed – in thick sludge.

However, this recently-made-by-a-quad-bike track prevailed and I soon spotted the slightly raised ground where I stopped in the darkness last Saturday evening.

Heavy going, but I managed to make my way to the little oasis whereupon I took a couple of snaps of the bowl between myself, the trickle that was Green Water and Hillside Farm,


Down past Dippany, over to Chapel Farm for a climb which I thoroghly enjoyed (aided by the beautiful sun and the Cheap Astronomer Podcast) and over to Devol Road where, upon the descent, I watched one Pringle-clad chip miss what I thought (from my limited vantage point) was a very easy putt.

Not all good news. Squealing coming from my front headset/fork/whatever… I’ll have to investigate.

Still, I’m hoping to remove the lens cap this evening, and already feeling the warmth that comes with 20K of trail – and the discovery of a new route!


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