Plenty of light.  Plenty of comrades.  Plenty of energy. And plenty of flies!

I don’t like leaving too late; having been on  bedtime ‘put down’ I thought 7.45 might have been a bit late, but there was enough of a blue sky to inspire me to rush into my uniform and head out. Moreover, I had a new High Sierra ‘camel-back’ to test out!

It seemed like *forever* to cross the cycletrack up onto the high Port. No wind and a setting sun there was a web if moon looking down in amusement.

Energy levels were excellent; riding hard I gazed at the various loops and straps on the new bag across my chest, noting a possible new home for the mp3 player. I had my phone tucked into the small pocket connected to right-hand side strap.

My new companion’s faint cool slap accompanied me: pleasant on a warm day.

As I reached Chapel Farm I dropped into gears 1.2 and picked my way up towards High Mathernock. Tight, singletrack (I’ll analyse the gradient via Google Earth) with strange raised drainage open half pipes; it is a real joy to snuggle into the saddle, connect with the stem and use your core to pick and creep up through grit and rock. I am relishing this new find, which also removes the long wind up past Auchenfoyle towards the electricity substation.

I stopped just before Chapel Farm at the tight bend that straddles Green Water, hoping to observe whatever was making the small rises upon the water… sadly, nothing discernable.

The previous days’ good weather had swollen and scabbed the Devol Road track up through the Port Glasgow Golf Club (although one or more ‘open sores’ spat their disgust as I added some pace to what are normally considered and tentative forays.

Sun setting, darkness creeping in I headed for home and a warming cuppa – shocking even myself at the resultant ping signalling that fahita chicken was ready to be scooped into an awaiting tortilla stuffed with crunchy salad. Plenty!

Route 13


2 responses to “Plenty

  1. gm7something

    Quite possible the ‘rise’ on the Green Water was a hatch of ‘buzzers’ ( Google is your friend)…

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