An Act of Contrition

I did debate heading out at 7 this evening. (Soft front tyre turned out to be a result of two nicks, from which my son enjoyed seeing the bubbles and feeling then upon his cheek.)

Kitted out in three top layers, two bottom and Gore overshoes, I headed out under the steam of an ‘eleven’ choice tunes from a Hospital Records double CD.  It certainly provided the fuel but I kept rising and rubber-necking to check on my squashed rear, which seemed to be suffering as a result of weekend binges on Purdey’s (65p in B&M; 1.00 elsewhere) ans my last remaining Easter egg and Buttons-based contents. So, castigation ensues and I lowered my head into the frequent showers and told myself that my wobbling core needed this outing.
However, I hate paying the sums we do for garments that fail to deliver. I stopped – Knockbuckle Road presented an alternative to the usual route up past Balrossie – at the Kilmacolm child’s park next to a gym, welcoming the dry sheds. My Specialized Rain Cape was sticking to the NB second layer via a wet film; I checked my backpack – soaking from rear spray, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that.
I think if it wasn’t for the excellent In Our Time (Radio 4) podcast on Voltaire’a Candide then I’d have short-circuited this excursion. (Thanks, Mr Bragg and guests!)

Surprisingly, heading up to Killochries and then opting for the Chapel Farm climb was delightful – I impressed myself with the speed with which I took this special little singletrack.

The real ‘soaking’ came between High Mathernock and the Harelaw Reservoirs: clenching my fists released the pools that were collecting in each fingertip.

The closer – yes, the more antagonised I became, desiring the steaming tea and perhaps a bath. Picture my face entering the cul-de-sac leading to the finish line and a line of plastic wheelie bins reminded be if one last duty that night.

My O’Neil ‘skin’ showed large dark patches, evincing failure on the part if Specialized SL rain cape.

Two cuppas helped welcome me home. And my layers have been relegated to hang in shame outside in the lean-to.

Biggest surprise of the evening? The Gore overshoes kept my toes toasty!

25K Route to follow.


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