Schoolboy error last evening: no pre-hydration, no filled camelback. Zero energy. Aching initial climb.

At least I was out (as were many people) and I headed over to Balrossie, and when I emerged onto the B788 – after checking with the two road workers – I zipped up a freshly tarmaced road, opting not to pick my way up through Chapel Farm but to visit an old friend and head up the long stretch lying between Auchenfoyle Farm and the Harelaw Reservoirs.

The journey was as tough as that last sentence.

News: the Sunday morning of the 20th looks like the inauguration of INVMTB, since 2 other riders will be joking me as early as possible; one other is in the process of obtaining their ‘CycleToWorkScheme’.

I just hope that we last the pace…

Anyway, night off and the stop is treating me to plenty of pasta – hopefully this energy will remain to be exploited tomorrow evening (I fancy off-track).


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