One small step…

One of the chain link pairs decided to hide yesterday (Saturday). Furthermore –  and bravely – I removed one of the rear derailer wheels, which was immaculate when replaced (I only hope the right way round).

So, as I ready myself to run my nephew to Queen Street Station (to commence 6 weeks’ basic training) I already have the twin-clouds of expense and availability grumbling over my head – a head already fugged with a lack of sleep since my neighbours party displayed a little altercation midway between our garden and his; and at 4 am.

So, will Halfords have what I need and at a reasonable cost?  I just want to be out this evening – tired or not.


Halfords were out, but had a 5-8 speed ying-yang shaped alternative … but after much thought, I ordered a replacement KMC from Amazon.

So, I have to ensure that I limit calorie intake an maintain the weights until the missing link appears in the post.


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