INVMTB numbers increased by 100% today: met Rob at the Greenock Waterfront car park.  He wanted “Some hills.”  So I obliged.

Heading up through Greenock’s West Blackhall Street, Orangefield we headed for ‘The Cut’: waterways leading onto the Loch Thom and providing spectacular views of the Clyde and Gourock on your right.

I was sniffling and stripped to a single layer mid-climb and soon peaking and troughing narrow channels of rock, slate and miscellany.

We opted to head up through the woods leading past Gryffe Reservoirs 1 and 2 after circumnavigating Loch Thom: plenty of cyclists (road) and walkers.

After emerging from The Gryffe we decided that we had enough time to head over past Auchenfoyle and quickly crunch up into Chapel Farm; Devol Road was always the target, with golfers already out on the tees.

Like some sunny glade the cycle path was aglow with motes of gold and green, and shortly before I bid Rob a farewell and directed him towards the underpass that would lead to the Greenock main dual carriageway, we checked ‘MyTracks’: a very respectable 29k by 11.30 am, great company and some new routes from The Cut.

The day lay before us.

Click Here For Route 14.


One response to “Cassiopeia

  1. I just returned over the Green Rd before you. I’ll bump into you out there at some point !
    Keep up the kms..


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