The Eye Spa

Remind me never, NEVER to go out (unless it’s -20) without my glasses!

My left eye (and why this particular one) became some sort of spa area for the airborne among us wiggling upon two wheels.

At least six sorry little messes were rubbed, thumbed and levered out of that bottom rim of the eye socket which feels very bonelike and unmistakably to close to the skull area to contemplate further!

Still… what a beautiful evening and halfway up the short climb to Killochries I realised that I hadn’t posted a celebratory comment about my first anniversary with my Hardrock! Nor did I post the slightly baffling proposal from Cyclescheme:

You now have 3 options:

1. Under a separate agreement with Cyclescheme, you pay a small, one-off refundable deposit (3% or 7% including VAT of the equipment value*) and continue to use the bicycle for up to 3 years. The monthly payments are zero. At the end of this period, Cyclescheme refund the deposit if you do not wish to keep the equipment.? This option will cost you £10.17.

2. Take ownership of the equipment by paying Cyclescheme a much higher valuation (e.g., for a one year old bicycle this would be 18% or 25%* of the certificate value in accordance with HMRC requirements).? This option will cost you £61.02.

3. Return the bicycle to Cyclescheme, at your own cost.

Cyclescheme’s recommended option, to ensure savings are in line with previous expectations, is for you to select option 1. You can participate in another scheme during this period, as the agreement is between Cyclescheme and you.

*The lower figure is for a certificate value of less than £500 and the higher one for a certificate value of £500 or more. These figures include VAT.

Of course, I – still baffled – chose option 3. I’ve been delighted at the quality of experience for 17 pounds per month; even the most Scroogiest (OK, ignoring the cost of apparel, cleaning, etc) of us would have to agree.


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