Beer Goggles

Leaving your wife and neighbours is easy – really.  Freshly uncorked bottles de rouge, sunglasses, sun-shade…

My ersatz camelback was 3/4 filled and the only real similarity was that I was also wearing shades.

A blue, cloud-free sky continuously distracted me; I was completely in awe (and plenty of pictures to prove it!).  

A Friday evening ride is a great preparation for the weekend, unwrapped and lying before you: this Saturday saw my 4-year-old’s nursery celebrate a ‘graduation’.

But I wasn’t enjoying even though is had hydrated beforehand; I also had plenty on-board behind me (a little too much, if truth be told!) The energy levels were low; even the Chapel Farm proved arduous.

Only that pristine celestial sphere overhead with the merest slither of moon pulled me homeward at a decent rate. And at least that strange burning orb that had made his appearance – hat sunglasses and caricatured diamond mane – had hoovered much of the standing water in the Tyre troughs that populate Devol Road.


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