Young Companion

This morning my son – the Nursery Graduate – and I headed to Netherwood Bridge. 

We parked at ‘Penny’s Arch’ ans made our way not too slowly (he likes to talk and stops pedaling) towards the bridge, whereupon we met up with a lovely lady escorting her dog up for a paddle.

Bikes resting against the field gate, we hopped up and over some corner stones and enjoyed fruit bars and Purdeys whilst examining a cloudless sky – save for an aeroplane chem-trail.  Bliss. Plenty of walkers, horse-riders, fellow cyclists (chunky and thin-tyred) – plenty of smiles and affirmations concerning our fortune with this weather. 

The return towards the ‘Arch’ was uphill and was accompanied by me pushing one and a half bikes.

Home for 10.45 and my pedalling companion and I are continuing to enjoy the sun.  It was a thrill to ride alongside my little boy, listening to his narration whilst keeping a close eye on his stablizers, poise and traffic in either direction.

The bike was given a treat, too.  Washed and lubed and bathed in the warmth…


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