Men with Guns

Crack! Pop! But no Snap!
Around me such sounds echoed beneath a beautiful blue dome as I emerged from Devol Road (having departed from my mother-in-law’s since I had left the bike there after Saturday evening’sride) and quickly reappraised my route: I would not take the High Mathernock trail and exit at Chapel Farm; they looked far enough away, but I am poorly qualified to support possible velocities .  Instead,  I headed over passed Strathgryffe and up onto Balrossie, before making my way to Dippany Farm.

Previously, the path leading up towards the Cairncurran Hill was not as green as it was last evening. Yes, it is a misleading distance; it offers some staggering shards and boulders resting in the tiny stream that provides a steady wash to your concentrating tyres.

Eventually we evened out. But all that green now obscured the partial route downward – a few metres of reed marsh and even a little fjord.  Luckily, a farmer – whom I believed was from Hillside Farm – caroused the hill on his quad-bike and very kindly led the way across the marshy high ground, opened a gate for me that barred access to the sheer scratch that led to Hillside.

Energy was up: roast pork and boiled potatoes!  And I tried to savour – as I do around Christmas time – the days leading up to Summer Holidays.  But I have so many non-trivial aspects, local authority moderation, ‘pupil setting’ test for new S3 pupils, etc that I failed to shake what had been a year of many successes and tremendously hard work.

Route to follow.


3 responses to “Men with Guns

  1. Have you ridden to the top of Cairncurran Hill ?
    It’s one of the local tops I haven’t visited yet but I will hope to remedy this soon.


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