School Nights


July?  Yes.  Really? Yes!

The Johnston Italian had been frequented that afternoon with some lovely friends. Yes, Arrabiata Penne was powering those old legs.

Travelling within the eye of the storm, all around the horizon was mist and I feared the worst, considering the recent downpours.
I was advised to “Get a horn [or bell]” by one of a crowd of varied individuals; I’m sure the irony as to correct conduct was lost, considering each dog was of the leash – “Get a leash” was an obvious response.

I was particularly taken by the sweet scent met at various locations, especially in areas of clustered hedgerow: the air is warm, moist and heavily-perfumed.

Uncommonly, I remained on the cyclepath until the ‘posh’ estate and the Ploughmans at Kilmacolm, before heading onto the Lochwinnoch road but heading up to Killochries instead of carrying on to the dip in which the ‘self-build’ at Pomillan is nestled.

A lit smirr arrived just as I entered Chapel Farm st the top of which two cars nestled; a couple of youths I’m each car were enjoying the view. And a young family were encountered at the entrance to Devol Road, exclaiming that I “was keen” as they enjoyed their daughters delight at the proximity of the sodden herd.

Devol Road was claimed. And I fired on the magicshine beam (unnecessarily) during the last half of of the return across the cyclepath.  A steaming cuppa was soon in my already-warm hands.


(Apologies for the removal of all kml files referenced in ‘Routes’: my switch from Docs to Google Drive has resulted in the trashing of many. I’ll endeavour to re-constitute this section.)

I took a right upon reaching the end on street. Heading up through the back of Greenock I struggled up towards Whinhill Golf Course. The newest addition to my cycling haute couture was a Regatta Isolite: superbly dry, but burning hot at the neck area, which housed the hidden hood.

The rain was keeping its distance as I tore up through the forest bordering Gryffe 1 & 2. Emerging onto B788 I took a right, headed past The Haven and on to Killochries. Throughout this ride I was oscillating between staying on the B road and perhaps returning on the cyclepath; the energy was up so at the Kilmacolm junction I had a soft wiggle up past Balrossie and on to an old friend: Chapel Farm.

Podcasts were my preferred option – saddened by the discontinuation of Dr Kiki’s Science Hour on the TWiT network!

Well and truly claimed, I took a text from my wife: did I want a bowl of homemade leek and potato soup upon my return? Of course I did, and proceeded to drown my feet – carelessly in the end – in the sodden troughs that squated beneath a darkening sky.

Tea was preferred and the soup would live another day; with my 4-year-old son away since Tuesday afternoon (returning Thursday) another late night of literature research and Legoland last-minute planning.

I’m concerned I’ve slipped in my cleaning and care duties …

Still, 30K – a work out BEFORE I went out (500 situps and butterfies on my pecs) – and three off-road routes.  What better way to spend a Wednesday evening when you have an ’empty’?

Route (coming soon – promise!)


2 responses to “School Nights

  1. Another TWIT Network affiicianado ?
    Ham Nation, This Week In Tech, This Week In Google amongst others. Not politically minded but also try to not to miss ‘The Best Podcast In The Universe’, ‘No Agenda’…(Dr Kiki says she will hopefully carry it on in some form according to her personal website !
    Legoland ? If Windsor, brings back memories of our family visits when my kids were younger.

    • Yes, Windsor it is. Currently in residence in huddersfield – fork lightning and black clouds.

      Do you like ‘No Agenda’ podcast? I’ve not been Twiting much because I’ve been working through 90 astronomy lectures from the TTC Company.


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