Hello, readership.

Yes, you’ve guessed it.  Currently I am south of the border, Bracknell near London; not in the home of Lego, Denmark.  Itinerary: Premier Inn – Hilton – Premier Inn.

Questioning our rather incongruous choices of respite, we have responded to such negativity in full support of cleanliness, quality and silence. 

Now what about the Hilton? Unfortunately, for the Bracknell ‘edition’, a focus for those of an international business persuasion or connected to aeronautics (pilots, stewardesses, engineering crew), a poor, poor show.

Chinese Water Torture began at 11 pm: a dripping overflow pipe onto the metallic roofing of the pool; the Tell-Tale Heart had nothing in the madness I experienced after having a four-hour drive from Huddersfield (we’d stayed there overnight in the PI, so as to break up the near 8-hour drone).

Still I’m pleased there’s a pool and we’re pretty much left alone: my son’s swimming ability – in just a year – continues to improve.

Cannot wait to leave early enough from Chorley (8am) in order to secure a Thursday evening ride..I’m hoping that the rushed care afforded my two-wheeled princess is enough to discourage any reactions involving water, metal and air…


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