My pride and joy awaited me, and not long after arriving home I was saddled and climbing.

I remained on the cycle track until Kilmacolm and aimed for Pomillan, before passing South Newton (the campsite bereft of young folk experiencing the thrill of a canvas ceiling below the stars).

Surprisingly, Chapel Farm was not as waterlogged as I had imagined, but I chose to ignore Devol Road: I stuck to the Harelaw Reservoir road.

A large heron, the usual loping rabbit and some very sodden bulls: my countryside safari was fairly interesting. No Agenda podcast was being enjoyed, but I often avoid as specific moments of hilarity almost bring you to a standstill during climbs. (I want to continue with Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet sequel, but I know – four weeks to go – I should be honing up in Lord of the Flies, which I aim to use as a Standard Grade text with a truly wonderful bunch of S4 boys).

A glorious sunset nesting into the Argyll hills and beyond was to my left; to the right was the Dougliehill Farm (diametrically opposite the kennels) which appears to be in a state of mid-demolishment.

And home to continue the necessary Literature Review which accompamies an MEd Dissertation.

25K – 1:53

Route to follow


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