Last Night

Plenty of desire to be on the saddle after such a hectic- but rewarding – week.

I opted to take in some climbs as well as off-road; shortly after emerging from Devol Road – feeling like a cattle rustler as two bulls fled ahead of me, looking for an escape route – I spotted a powered hand-glider encircling The Haven/Auchenfoyle Farm.

My wrist displayed “9:06” so instead of High Mathernock, I headed straight over to Gryffe Reservoirs 1 and 2 so that I could meet up with Loch Thom.  And what resplendent serenity I met there.


My choice of listening was TWIG (This Week in Google) and the commentary unfolded about a new female CEO at Yahoo – yes, remember them?

The only rain was encountered on the Greenock man road – ‘toffee’ by that point after two good off-road climbs.

Having acquired a Nexus 7, future blog posting will not be undertaken via a battered old IBM Think pad (RIP).


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