Yes, phlegm.

A second trip to the doctor – a locum this time – resulted in higher dosage and 300% increase in frequency.  And 7 as opposed to 5 days.

When you reach in, the only torque being applied by throat, nasal and air pressure, and the result is an oyster-sized wobble with the sunshine hue of egg-yolk, then it’s perhaps wise to remain out of the saddle for a few days.

Tonight (rain or not) I am zipping up and zipping out to get some country air..

Oh, and Bobby and others, I’m going to link most weeks to the Guardian’s Country diary as a reminder of the splendour hat helps draw us out into the countryside.

Country diary: Sandy, Bedfordshire: A hunter that goes unnoticed


One response to “Phlegm

  1. TBH I’m certainly not green with envy…groan.
    Just back from another visit to Corlic, do I get to keep it if I go again before the week is up?
    Enjoy your trip.

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