This one was for Bobby – pssst!

Another puncture. But hold on.  I’ve been to Lidl and I am equipped with a self-sealant spray (plus 2 spare inner tubes).

8.10. High Mathernock, just up from Chapel Farm I take a bad nip on my rear tyre. One earphone was functional so I had no problem hearing the hiss.

Turned over, I read and then squirted, spinning the wheel for distribution purposes as instructed.
Pump, pump, pump.  Bubble, hiss – the tyre continued to leak.  Tyre still spongy.

How long should I wait?

Time was marching so I decided to replace the inner tube. Oh, oh!

Sealant leaked from the valve as I attempted to depress the nozzle; like squirty cream, it inflated and cloud-like began to morph and rotate around my ungloved hand.

And then it stopped.

Half deflated, it remained too bloated to safely remove whilst maintaing the tyre. Mmmm.

By this time I was resigned to riding upon a rear sponge, while stopping occasionally to pump, pump, pump!

But somehow – at the foot of Devol Road – the inflation … worked!

I bumped and shuddered over the rocky descent and clipped into the cycle track, passing the adequately-sized logs left by the tree felling team.

A cuppa was certainly needed…


One response to “This one was for Bobby – pssst!

  1. I used to carry a can of the same type when I had my bike, one of the motorised variety and found it helped me get home albeit much slower but home. I remember having to spin the wheel for five mins to spread the goo. I was leaving Drymen heading to Balmaha when the back tyre quickly deflated but ten mins later I was on my way home at a steady 30 mph, It ruined the tyre but stranded 50 mile from home or a new tyre ?, a new tyre every time.

    I notice they had been cutting each side of the track along that stretch with the Bomford but had stopped at the fallen tree, an eye may need to be kept to see if they carry on westwards. I hope to find out who is responsible for the track as this section is not as tidy maintenance wise as the stretches eastwards.

    Angry of Devol.

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