Monday, Monday.

Despite just breaking open the gift that is a fortnight’s holiday, I have one heck of a load of marking and development this few days (although, first time in five years, no university essay work to do).

27k this evening; dark very quickly despite being on the road by 7.20, up onto the cycle path straight through to Kilmacolm, remembering to avoid the bridge at Knockbuckle (forgetting another later on, and doing a very good impression of Tam O’Shanter on wheels, zipping past Duchal Castle remains – supposedly patrolled by a ghostly monk).  The stars came out after I witnessed “barred clouds bloom the soft dying day” (Keats, An Ode to Autumn) and there was barely a pinch of air.

Magicshine coped very well on the third brightest level, turning ‘blue’ shortly before I arrived home, which was after 1hr 41m.

I’m well aware that my rides are less frequent, and I have paused posting ride .kml files… but I really want there to be a less painless way via MyTracks and Google Docs/Drive.

Anyway, here’s hoping for 14 consecutive autumnal rides – can he do it!?


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