Cold. Rain.

November isn’t far from us.  Sunday and Tuesday provided 21K & 24K respectively, as well as the greasy leaf mulch that was a constant threat. 

I’ve been keeping to ‘B’ roads whenever possible; I shudder at the thought of repairs in darkness – the rear maintains the ‘Slime’ inner-tube. (Note to self: purchase a small LED pencil light.)

But the draw was too much – as well as time constraints (I’m venturing out later these evenings on account of my son staying up later and enjoying extended sessions of ‘book at bedtime’) – and I executed a perfect Chapel Farm climb, keeping dry on the subsequent Golf Drive climb: mud speckled Gore overshoes do not defeat make!

It has not been a stress-free fortnight: senior essay marking and continued research is causing task-switching from personal reading or the rare pleasure that is a midweek Guardian; teaching is a very demanding profession, saved only by the rich intellectual and emotional rewards.  I digress.

Phoned the Roads Department to highlight the fact that only half of the cycle path is lit. Fingers crossed.


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