Been a while –

Yes, it has.

The media is turning itself inside out over recent revelations about institutionalised light entertainment practices; the clocks have gone back; NY is flooded; and the cold winter is creeping towards us.

The Hardrock has sat forlornly in the lean-to: our dining window looks on to her and I can see her from the ‘waist’ up.

I’ve added to my Numan collection – mainly recent live CDs – and still ‘taking’ the podcasts; Dreadnought sits at 5:27 – almost finished.

* * *

Later that evening…

I was out just after 8 and after deciding to take Knockbuckle Bridge I made the unusual decision to take a right instead of going up by Balrossie: the cold air was proving difficult despite the other layered areas maintaining their resolve. (I always relish a Friday or Saturday evening foray: the weekend is intact or is at least distanced enough from Monday morning.)

So no Devol Road for me; the Harelaw Reservoirs were enough as I’d felt indebted to at least putting down some Ks after leaving out the Pomillan/Killochries loops.

Toes gripped by the chill like small blocks of ice; an ‘ice-cream headache’ – still, I had been out, and an approximate 18K.

Note to self: better overshoes, bandanna and new audio book – Dear reader, I finished ‘Dreadnought’. (Although I’m gaining interest in the Guardian Reading Group as a source until Jack Campbell publishes his next installment).

And Admiral Bloch’s execution during the exposition of The Lost Fleet was faked!?


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