Sunday, Wednesday…Saturday!!??

Sunday was a nice reverse up Devol Road and High Mathernock, whereupon I sat in behind a (searching for the appropriate collective noun) troop of 4 horse riders …

Plenty of mud. And even managed to skirt some of the standing water as I ran alongside the golf course.

Wednesday.  I returned to catch Celtic’s momentous win over Barcelona.  I swithered between Harelaw and Devol Road: the rain and wind pushed me towards a surprisingly dry foray up past the golf course.

And I’ve settled into the audio Book 1 of The Elenium ‘The Diamond Throne’ The Elenium – which I’ve ordered despite still struggling with Will Self’s ‘Umbrella’, and now in possession of the Guardian’s Reading Group choice for November, ‘True Grit’.

She needs a deep clean – stripped and oiled; this may well be Friday and Saturday! (As of time of writing, it will be this Saturday afternoon: two cans of GT85 purchased earlier.

Now will she be dry by this evening…?


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