A 4-2-2

4-2-2.  Layers, that is.

It was a tough initial climb (more than a week since I had been out) but extremely gratifying.

There was a significant wind – so much so that I almost returned to the amber womb of Tuesday evening in the West Coast, huddling hungry ears for footballing news from Portugal.

Even though the wind had me stationary at one point…I managed to proceed up Balrossie, heading down to the Pullman and back along the complete leg of the ‘Port’ section of the ’75 Route’.  Tuesdays. Now why are they gaining importance? Well, Mondays and Tuesdays contain 3 double periods back to back; and Wednesdays offer two well-positioned non-contact periods. So, on a Wednesday you can gloat at having worked out on the Monday, stretched the legs on a Tuesday, and tomorrow’s Thursday – the home straight!

Playlist? Book 1 of The Elenium: The Diamond Throne.

And Numan. ‘Sacrifice’. Apparently the career-defining album. And it is good. Whilst 1994/1995 was still techno (good stuff like Dave Clarke, Dave Angel) – and Elastica and Blur, the Electronic Pioneer was working from the rudiments of what made him great.  I’m pretty elated that I have a V.I.P. Pass winging its way to me for the up-coming December show: access to soundcheck, signed CD and meet & greet – with a photo opportunity.  I’m taking along Blade Runner and a copy of the novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ for him on behalf of my all-boys class (we’re studying it at the moment, and we may include a pupil’s drawing on the inside cover of his famous ‘Tubeway Army’ silhouette) – and yes, they have heard of him; either through Cars, which appears on the Grand Theft Auto playlists, or – the coolder kidz – they see the Nine Inch Nails connection, which is a result of the late-90s/early 2000 transformation (or regression) to guitar and synth.

1hr 12min – 18.30K. Again, better than sitting at home, marking or watching the banal ‘Ant and Dec’.


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