Greasy Forks

Well, springy front forks – recently greased – almost had me home under the impression that I was just at the Port factories and already I’d developed a slow puncture in the front tyre.

Doubling back, I wasn’t too convinced so…I resumed my cycle.

And glad I was. I was powering much of the ride, enjoying the technical climb of Chapel Farm up through High Mathernock especially: mud, water and leaves.  This mulch did not deter.

Almost opting to head up to the Harelaw Reservoirs and head down to my old stomping ground – the East End of Greenock – and connect with the cycle track up to Port Glasgow, I decided that Devol Road would be both interesting and quick.

Again, significant rear wheel slides and the need for some Numan and concentration. 

I returned home with frozen toes, mud spattered glasses and face; nothing compared to the poor sodden beasts I encountered munching on the steadily-diminishing grassland that shone cold under an absent sun.

And I saw my first robin.  Christmas is on its way!


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