First for 2013

Ah, nothing like it… Health.


Christmas and New Year were ruined by some viral infection which brought everything except for the kitchen sink (and the vomiting)… In addition my brother-in-law lost his mother to cancer on Christmas Day (so we put on a Christmas Dinner for them yesterday).

But thank goodness for Amoxycillan! A couple of these 500mg babies and it’s night and day. (Course finishes tomorrow).

IMG_20130101_155329Despite the ‘weather warnings’, the snow failed to pound us and after a couple of minutes uphill I thought it folly to be wearing my new balaclava from The Hot Stuff Co. ( And only 7.99 (9.74 delivered – and vacuum packed!).

Yes, you worry about the purchase that the helmet will have with your skull…but I was snug indeed. Slightly warm; the long neck prevents fully zipping up of your outer layer; it pushed down on my specs.  But my ears – jammed with earphones – and cheeks were well sheltered.  Waterproof, but I had no chance to assess the manufacturer’s claim.  All in all lovely purchase – even if I am thinking about having part of the neck sliced off so that I can ‘zip’ higher.


And the Luminite overshoes from Endura? Initially I was worried that I didn’t buy tye ‘XL’, but the ‘L’ are snug and did the trick – even though I deliberately avoided Devol Road singletrack after a lovely shimmy up Chapel Farm, over to the Devol Electricity Substation then down past Harelaw 1 & 2.

Home. Dry as a bone…except for my saddle area: now I think that it is time to replace the Sprayaway trousers.

22K in 1.31. Not bad for a Lazarus who gorged on two reenacted Christmas Dinners yesterday (and cake) – but still 10st 9lbs.

The weekend began with am excellent evening at Clydemuirshiel for a Stargazing Event – even though it was cloudy – was well attended and we caught the tail-end of an audiovisual lecture; Cameron performed well at his first Level 3 swimming lesson; I picked up some nice texts at the library; read the paper; and spent much of my time with the family.

Yes, my New Year Resolution to relegate work well below maintaining my physical and emotional well-being is certainly steadfast!


Happy (and a healthy) 2013.


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