IMG_20130217_10554510 a.m. and I waved off the wife and child. Their destination, Falkirk softened the ever-dutiful guilt that descends as soon as the thought of an excursion appears.

Having sunk many pounds of beautiful clootie dumpling, and having recently received wondrous anti-flammatory pills for my “..disc has slipped and is pressing on your sciatic nerve” (quote from the G.P)
I felt obliged to go out.

Lovely Sunday morn, the sun actually making its presence felt I headed up Balrossie, Killochries and then Chapel Farm then Devol Road.

What may be the front wheel and/or the front stem was emitting a rhythmic ‘tick’ – I will have this addressed as soon as possible, a coincidental effect when one considers that the new Cyclescheme window has come round again.

Some of the troughs on Devol Road had shrunk and what brown water remained revealed rather shallow and easily handled muddy baths.

Several ‘road cousins’ and most of them politely reciprocating my salute or “Morning”.

I could see March upon the land: smell and feel it on the morning air.

A couple of drinks and some chat with a good friend and colleague in Glasgow helped to wind the day down; with a mid-term holiday Monday as well (giving me a rare opportunity to do the school walk – I relish) I should relax…


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