The going was firm. Nutella consistency, is what springs to mind.


The air was clear and warble filled.

I felt very happy with ‘levels’ throughout, and took a detour down to the Greenock end of Route 75.

The roads were busy; plenty of rude and ignorant road bike users. I had a brief exchange with one MTB rider just across from Devol Road: I had decided that an hour and a half would be enough as I wanted to spend time with my son (and I had promised him a bike pump from Tesco – which failed within minutes, the seal blowing and the end popping off. Quality).

IMG_20130224_123909 Spring.

I am working through Gary Numan’s back catalogue from 1994’s ‘Sacrifice’, the album that signalled his return. ‘Exile’ (extended) was on and it is good, if slightly ‘samey’ due its thematically repetitive drums and lyrics.

I stuck with Numan until ‘The Fury’, bought ‘Berserker’ (Live) and held on ‘Exhibition’ and ‘The Plan’. But around this time, 1987/88, I was enjoying House and Rap – musical genres that were directly or indirectly derived from the likes of Numan, Kraftwerk.

‘Exile’ is beautifully made, and I will be returning to the standard version in order to do a comparison.

I am eating up back issues of studio CDs and live; I am appreciating more his later work, which I have been exposed to since seeing him 2006 and 2009 – ‘The Pleasure Principle 30th Anniversary Tour’.


‘Elenium’ is complete; Tamuli offers three volumes (which I have now purchased in hardback
) featuring our hero, Sparhawk. ‘Domes of Fire’ will remain until I switch to the anticipated seventh installment in The Lost Fleet series appears in May.
As I complete this I have a todo list. It is Monday and GLORIOUS…But I have removed the front wheel (the metallic knocking continues) and plan to clean and grease the long screwy thing that is driven through the middle and contains the flip bolt at the end. (Note to self: find out the technical description of each part).



4 responses to “Firm

  1. I’m confused, shouldn’t you be at work? Or trying to find work? like you said Its Monday… Get A JOB

    • Thanks, Kylie. I was actually completing the blog entry 4.30 Monday, when I had just finished work for the day. The bike ride was Sunday – after 4 hours of essay marking that began at 7am and was above and beyond my contractual obligations – as many teachers find themselves doing most weeknights and weekends. I’d have a little review of apostrophe usage and capitalisation I were you, considering that when we write anything there’s always an unintended as well as the intended audience.

  2. I’m dreadfully sorry my typing upsets you, I will take on board what you have said. However to point out ones flaws, when you yourself are unable to construct a sentence seems very negligent of you. You have forgotten a full stop after capitalisation (which is actually spelled ‘capitalization’) and I believe that last sentence should have an ‘if’ before the I otherwise it dose not make sense. I hope your a history teacher and not English my friend.

    Good day.

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