April Snowfalls

A lovely and crisp evening.  And the floor pump from Lidl gave me 4 bar reading on my front tyre. Excellent – better than the poor quality Tesco fare.

Much snow still in evidence on Devol Road – knee-deep, they often brought mr to a halt no matter how fast I pedalled; I left myself fall down onto my left side.

Jupiter still an awkward visitor in Taurus: the bright moonlight had already dimmed ‘the bull’ and I’m struggling to discern its features.  Still, Pleiades showed themselves as stars, and not the mini-plough that your peripheral vision affords.

So, Tuesday under my belt and as I write – Thursday morning and last day of term (what a term!) – I’m looking forward to some freetime this evening, hoping that the rear maintains the 4 bar applied last night in anticipation of tonight’s foray.


2 responses to “April Snowfalls

  1. Having braved the Devol Road snowdrifts over last Friday then each day of the weekend. I am of the mindset, you are mad…yet I saw evidence of cyclists having made their way along the road to Penny’s Arch with more than a few tyre tracks in the hard-packed snow…..
    Brave man.

  2. B
    Devol Road last evening but in reverse order – hard climb and snow remains: even found myself cycling through tyre troughs made previously! Lovely weather – least it is dry!

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