An Hour…

“You have an hour: we’re taking the boys to see ‘The Croods’.”

A quick route? A quick route… I missed the turn off at Penny’s Arch, so I headed onwards and came off the cycle track at the point that lead down to Knockbuckle Bridge.  A right brought me away from the climb up towards Balrossie, and soon I was sweating up Devol Road.

What snow remained was struggling against a fairly warm sun.

Stress is dissipating, and I’m enjoying the time afforded to my academic readings (although I am aware of the large amount of marking contained in my satchel). And of course, time with family is just as precious: from 1.30 to 3pm my son and enjoyed the Port Glasgow Pool Party, involving a  large, multi-sectioned inflatable that spanned the entire length – and 3/5ths of the width – of the pool.

The weather is cold – and I am reminding myself that this is much better than the rain that we are constantly exposed to.



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