Morning and Night

Friday, 8.08 PM. I left and climbed into the dusk.

Yesterday morning I seriously considered that our dry-cold spell was over… But I couldn’t wait to ‘wiggle’ up Devol Road and down into Mathernock (reversed) this evening; the front light was enabled only upon entry onto the Killochries road; the going was firm to hard.

Time enough with family (finding time rip out some still-born daffodils for my wife), but the Masters proposal is certainly reminding me how previous Easter holidays were marred by spending significant amounts of time in front of Word (and Scrivener). And each time I spot a research paper, I’m immediately drawn to adopting its format…

Still, quite excited at my newest ‘project’: Atmel AVR microcontroller assembly language programming.  A target application is for the bike: temperature logger/GPS device.  A return to my old programming self, in addition to learning electronics – soldering!

Concerned about chain slipping, which I am now convinced is a worn second largest back cog of my cassette; I came off during some unlit technical uphill work.  It needs addressed.

Numan’s ‘Exile’ is sublime – lyrically Gary is so varied and nuanced; the guitar work is beautiful.  Eddings’ ‘The Shining Ones’ is loaded too.

Orion watched from on high for most of my journey, and that interloper, Jupiter continues to muddy the celestial waters in Taurus.

And Proust is removing me – thankfully – from the modern mêlée of ‘always on’.



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