Black Goo



the holidays are nearing an end. And the rain is showing its face.

Monday and Wednesday rides this week. It is now Saturday morning and the bike lies minus one wheel; the chain is firmly ensconced in an ‘Oven Pride’ bag.  I’m hoping for an evening pedal. The chain slipping has been outrageous, and derailleur and chain were caked in black goo.


Wednesday afternoon, the boy and I climbed Windy Hill; a small picnic at Clyde Muirshiel quickly led to an ascent in slight drizzle … and I spotted the Hardridge Track to the northwest, curving away from us.

Wednesday night saw me leave about 7pm, stopping at Balrossie to take a voicemail from my cousin, Ed.: he was up from Yorkshire, returning Thursday. I triangulated between ‘cuz’ and wife to see if we could arrange coffee/dinner…

IMG_20130410_195244Nearing the rise at Killochries I spotted a blood-red sun (the photo fails to do it justice.)

We met, Ed, Karen and I, Thursday at 10am for coffee – and I was on time!  And I made the second pool party of the week; this Easter has been both active and varied.


I’ve paused ‘The Shining Ones’, now enjoying Book One of The Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy.  Old friends.



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