Out to the Red Men


I had promised my son that I’d capture some pictures of the Red Centurions; only recently did he manage to orientated himself in has car seat suitably and make them out from the overlooking hill, passing at 30-plus miles an hour.  IMG_20130414_191219


For the first time ever, I joined the ’75 Route’ from Kilmacolm to Bridge-of-Weir.


I was glad to be protected from the horrendous winds that had almost brought me to a standstill many times on the upward journey up past the Port factories.




Route 75 is a breeze; I just need to explore the Sustrans more!


3 responses to “Out to the Red Men

  1. I nod to these ‘lost souls’ on a now regular basis, it’s a cracking surface to ride on. I admit I prefer the slow ups and downs of ’75’ to the local potholed road surfaces.
    If you see Lance on your travels, give him a nod as you race by.


    A geocache lies behind the foot soldiers.

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