Repairs and Replacements

Well, first repair was the greeting and warm hug from a friend with whom I had an altercation last year – almost exactly a year ago, now that I think about it.

And it was our first ever fall out. Ever.

We met on the slope of the elevated walkway to the Greenock Waterfront Pool: I armed with my son; he with his daughter. I saw him. He saw me.

Would we acknowledge each other? Would we speak?

Arms outstretched, we hugged and then shook hands. Apologies, admissions of embarrassment came forth.

I am delighted.

A boy I met in 1986, and we helped forge ‘scheme versus scheme’ football matches; a teenager who joined me in joy at clubs, raves…; a man who works hard and who has raised a lovely family.

27 years. 27! Longer than I’ve known my wife.

So, the bike. New chain. New front drive train. New cog cassette (7-speed). And throw in a new rear Altus derailleur.

70-90 pounds. Or a new bike?

I’m a week without the Hardrock, and the weather is tremendous.  Typical.  Still – and don’t tell the wife – at least the cycle carrier had to be attached in order that my ‘patient’ he transported to the wonderful Aerobikes. So no excuse for tackling the Hardridge-Lochwinnoch Loop.

And 70 or 90 pounds is a miniscule amount when I consider the reparations of a friendship that I envisage will have 27 more.


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