New Routes

It is Tuesday morning and I am on a cosy bus heading for Inverary: I’m out of school for two days on development activities.

I did aim to begin typing school reports but the roads are too bendy… and – of course – I mislaid. my MP3 player and forgot that my fellow passengers would be more inclined to shout rather than actually speak to one another.

Sunday saw me leave the house after 3 and return just before 5: time aplenty for spending time with my son and wife. 

A near constant smirr accompanied me throughout the journey.

High Mathernock and Devol Road were boggy and quite demanding of the hard tyres… but I was delighted that I had opted to wear the Endura overshoes – such performance.

‘Queen of Sorcery’. Making steady progress.  But the Masters continues to seep into every waking moment; I’m finding it difficult to switch off – I just can’t, though.

Nagging little concerns about becoming too familiar with this and associated routes.

Tonight I have been invited to a Clydemuirshiel meeting about additional cycling routes around the park.  I hope to be back in time in order that I can contribute to their cause.


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