Yes, T-shirt tan and sunburnt face.  The ‘Ghost’ route was used yesterday and most of the bogs on Devol Road had withdrawn to cracked and muddy troughs.

Neighbours coalesced around the hope of a continuous run of good weather and talk of the evening’s Champions League Final. I left at 4,30 and returned at 6 for Chinese: joining everyone else’s interest in takeaway.


Top of the Pops this week, 1978. Wow. ‘You’re the One that I Want’, Sham 69, Black Sabbath ‘Never Say Die’ (featuring – surely – the drummer who inspired the BBC’s Bookaboo), BoneyM, Ian Dury, Blondie… Then we end with Tony Blackburn informing us that next week’s show would be cancelled due to (1978) World Cup scheduling, followed by an obscure Rod Stewart track predicting the Scottish Football Team’s successful Argentinian Campaign. Aye, right!

Church. Then a return to the garden in the hope of more sun.  Alas more cloud than shine.

Just enough charge for an emergency call I headed out at 730-wish (post-bedtime story) and was back within the hour. Cycle path, up Devol Road and then a right turn towards the main B788 and up and down past the two Harelaw Reservoirs. It’s useful to have a quick route in order that I can continue during next year’s busy MSc time (which already receives much attention!)

A pound or two short of 11st I have binged much of the weekend.
Rain predicted tomorrow.


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