[UNSET] (2)2.30 pm and  I was nervously pacing across the living room floor, awaiting my wife’s securing of a five-star (and one Michelin Star) hotel in ‘Tenny-reefie’.

The three number code repeated into the phone, and it was a done deal; details via email forthcoming, and I was off.[UNSET] (4)

I met an ‘in-law’ on the dusty track snaking up past the golf course, who with the aid of his son were collecting golf balls.  It was hot. The short chat was welcomed and the resume wasn’t too difficult. Many golfers, and a Polish chap stopped to enquire about directions to Cornalees as I met the B788.

I fancied the dry and dusty tracks of High Mathernock – and I had a lovely chat with ‘Patricia’ as I braked my way down past ‘Wee Flurries’ and into Chapel Farm – but instead of continuing the instinctive left down to Kilmacolm or up to Hard ridge, I went right and doubled back, heading up past Auchenfoyle and past the Harelaws.

Heading up and onto the brow of the hill that overlooks Greenock I stopped to take a snap off the hazed view below; to the right of the cemetery were bikers scurrying across what looks like a well honed dirt track.

[UNSET]I headed towards my mother’s, sniffing the warm breeze – ‘We Are The Champions’, chips, cold meat and salad cream instantly brought to mind.

A cuppa and a chat with mum and neighbours, I hugged, kissed and then headed up Cycle Route 75 towards Port Glasgow.

I’ve been on a week-long program of seeds, nuts and occasional berries and I’ve remained 10.10. All the better for the beach.

[UNSET] (3)(I am avoiding talking too much about the fantastic weather of late just in case it ‘hears’ and slopes off!)


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