Simple (Technological) Pleasures


Upon my return from Tenerife I will have been away from the saddle for four weeks. FOUR weeks!

Shocking, I know.  But I have been busy tying up loose ends in 2012/13’s curriculum.

However, I have four weeks remaining. No, I’m not unaware that there are those of you who do not have such an annual holiday entitlement (I was one of them for over a decade, and we rely heavily in their intellectual and physical graft) but I’ll be busy during those days. 

Morning: Masters Dissertation planning.
Lunchtime: Housework.
Afternoons: Lesson Planning (mainly for National 4&5) and S1/2 CfE development work.
Evenings: bike and working on Clydemuirshiel’s plans for cycling routes.

So, two weeks in the sun. My legs resting… Wet, windy evenings a memory; water-filled singletracks in the distance.  The pins have earned their oily rubs and dips in the freezing pools. They deserve it – and will be called into action over the course of July and August. However, a different matter for the upper body: an excellent gym and a copious protein heavy diet is keeping them busy.

‘So Lonely’ has just started, and I think, with the away to the market and the boy busting himself with arts and crafts at the ‘Kids Club’, I shall hear it run to completion.

See, I love technology.   But what I really, REALLY love is maximising minimal tech.  So much from so little.

I am surrounded by other nationalities brandishing ‘For Hire’ iPads; I am sitting here, three year-old phone in hand (and similarly aged Kindle with the physical keyboard), a cheap-as-chips Sansa Clip 4gb mp3 player – my fourth as they are perfectly sized and extendable via Micro SDs.

So what?

Well, just like certain terrorist organisations (now I have added the NSA to the blog’s small but growing readership) I can use Gmail’s draft message capability to type notes – and surprisingly quickly.  I’ve been reading up on some academic papers that employ a data collection and analysis methodology similar to mine, and between the pool, sunbed and lying in the apartment I have been utilising this time productively. 

I can access Google Drive via one of the hotel’s huge (think 2002) desktops, and send papers to my Kindle; I can access my MSc directory in its entirety…

And – scooping up a wandering Wi-Fi signal – book camping for son and I later on in the month. Ah, text-based computing!

And why not? I’m going to be busy next term, and I am loathe to neglect my bike rides as I progress into the mountains of marking come Prelim time.

So, as the palm trees sway, the sun bites into redenned flesh I can play the ‘relaxing tourist’. 

But really, I’m working incognito.

Adios, amigos.

PS. Now I have to uninstall an app in order to use WordPress. (:-)


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