To the beach?

Another day in … tranquility.

I have finished Andy Weir’s excellent, ‘The Martian’ and emailed him to thank him for and applaud his efforts.  He kindly responded after I enquired as to his favourite childhood book (I’m compiling influential texts and associated authors/other worthy notables for an S2 project). I love it when these artisans help us to make the connection between literature and real life.  Thanks, Andy, the pupils will really appreciate it.

Food fantastic – especially freedom to choose as much protein and breeds as one likes; the gym is equally well-supplied!

I’ve two texts on the go.

On the Kindle it’s the second book of Karl Over Knausgaard’s ‘My Struggle: A Man in Love’. He is such an eloquent writer when describing the everyday events and settings which we invariably take for granted.

In hardback, I’ve begun the first case study in Engstrom’s ‘Teams to Knots’, and this offering charts the activities of a TV company’s broadcasting of a major bowling eventevent.  It gives me an excuse to escape this ferocious heat, and I enjoy this Activity Theory text when the agony that is my shoulder-blades-resemble-the-pink-British-Empire-on-old-maps is too much.

However, sand. SAND.  I HATE – ABHORR the stuff!

And guess what?  We have a beach day planned tomorrow.

Oh dear!


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