All that Glitters



Yes, the ‘O’Donnell Tour 2013’ was temporarily disrupted this morning. The fresh pancakes, bread rolls – even the Coco Pops had lost their lustre.

I had lost my Ibiza 2004 silver rays ring.  OK, some silver tat from the ‘Hippy Market’ 9 years ago, you say. Well, agreed. But we all attach meaning and symbollic significance to many personal pieces, especially jewellery.

(I blame Bobby: his Tour De Force recently blogged about forced me into the gym for the second session of the day – and at 11 am!)

2004.  I had been accepted onto the PgDip in Secondary Education (English); had saddled myself with 4k of student debt; had to jettison what I knew of Software Development and focus on language.

A complete Alt-Ctrl-Del of my life.

And, with devotion and hard work, accompanied by the assistance of the excellent Jordanhill staff and the schools that accommodated me on my journey, I left Initial Teacher Training (with a Distinction) and now enjoy a profession that I whole-heartedly love. Deeply.

And I’ve continued to be a life-long learner: perhaps THE most important aspect of this blog entry.

The ring? Well, its rays continue to burn, and we are all familiar with the motifs of light.  They burn endlessly; my ‘restart’ now sees me privileged to be teaching, to be deferrent to the Masters Study I am about to conduct with Edinburgh University.

And to still have the eternal energy to get out (at 42) and enjoy the bike.



One response to “All that Glitters

  1. Poor Bawb..
    I’ll take the blame for many things but to force someone to a gym twice in the morning hours? Nope.
    42 ? pah..
    I get my ‘bus pass’ in under 11 weeks and I cannot wait until I’m either out on the hills or now my bike…..
    Education and the quest for knowledge never ends, you only allow it to.

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