England’s Brown and Pleasant Land

Boiling. And as our London-based weather presenters continue to bemoan, it’s to continue for the foreseeable.

Magic! And long may your fields continue to brown: we’ve suffered enough wash outs over the past DECADE!

I set off at 1.45 after having spending an enjoyable morning cooking out on the back garden, promising a return left in “an hour’s time”. Up onto the cycle path, a crawl up Barr’s Brae and a similar slog – topless and welcoming the blading sun – up and over Devol Road, before heading along the B788, past the Harelaw Reservoirs and back home.

Not another pedaler in sight.

Ah, back to relaxing. 58 mins for a reasonably awkward 12 km and in the baking sun.

Tonight? Well, BBQs (disposable ones) for Saturday and Sunday … so tonight I’ll opt for Mandarin Chicken, rice AND chips!

I’ve earned it (;-)


One response to “England’s Brown and Pleasant Land

  1. Mad? Yes! Enjoy Stage 3 – I may even bump into you …

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