The Price of a Stamp


“Hey, kids. What time is?”
“It’s time for house!!”

Really? Is it REALLY twenty five years – quarter of a century – sine me and my mates immersed ourselves in what was the ‘Second Summer of Love’? I can only imagine the headlines screamed by the Red Tops and – of course – The Daily Mail.

Detroit had invaded; Disco, film was being sampled; Numan and Kraftwerk were still a little away from being fully acknowledges as pre-cursors; and bush hats were de rigeur (sic).

So, heading up to visit my old friend, Hardridge to Lochwinnoch, I was enjoying the meaty acid cuts that provided the stitching to the ‘Fluffy Bagel Mix’ of S’Express’s ‘Superfly Guy’.  (Have a listen).


Almost all standing water had long since evaporated into what will go done as an actual summer in the history books, but there were were still some stalwarts shortly after leaving sight of  Kilmacolm High Dam and following the Moor track.

Honestly?  I found it easy. Perhaps I have become fitter in the intervening months, but even the technical and sharp, steep ascents from key areas where you are crossing little fjords were a joy. 
(Scraping the sun-tanned – and the vanity! – legs as I left the track to avoid three Stoic Highland Cows was all that I suffered).


This is a JOY of a route, and I really wonder how often it is used.

1hr 49min. 25.12 km. Not bad.

I returned to find my car bathed in dusk; it was 20 past 10. A lovely chap, local farmer turned up and expressed his concern for the car owner, recognising that the owner often headed up onto the Moors and – like I said – dusk had stole in.

We chatted for a good few minutes, horses and routes… I arrived home at 10.55pm – possibly the latest ever.

I’m loathe to purchase a new magicshine light or battery (the Masters’ academic book requirement has first refusal on any spare change) but this is the main constraint on my routes and times out and about.

Just now? Numan’s ‘Machine Music Live’… I was, however, enjoying ‘The Best Disco Album in the World Ever 2’ and preparing for camping trip with son (and how good is ‘Ma Baker’?).  I’ve spotted a little gem by MFSO, ‘TSO’, which I’m sure is sampled by Kid ‘N’ Play, another Retro music reference from the 80s’ formative Hip Hop Canon. 

Oh, and I did reach Barnbrock HQ whereupon I deposited a cheque to pay for the aforementioned camping trip.  The lengths one will go to avoid paying the price of a stamp!



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